It's no secret, we as individuals will only show others what we want them to see.

The Talassure MX provides you clarification on “Why” you perform better in certain situations than in others. Remember, the result of the assessment is confidential and based on your response to each question.

  • Includes internal measures to ensure accuracy

  • Simple self-interpretive reporting
  • Recent validation based on research from Baby Boomers to Generation Z
  • Cloud-based, mobile and texting technology
  • It measures reasoning ability, core personality and occupational interests

TalassureMX was developed by a leading psychometric team with over 40 years of research, culminated in a validation study conducted in 2016. The results account for over 6,000 multi-generational employees – from Generation Z to Baby Boomers – making it one of the most up-to-date studies on employee assessments in the industry. Talexes is devoted to maintaining its focus on every segment of the workforce, including those just now entering. By conducting ongoing Millennial & Gen Z research, Talexes ensures its data remains current and applicable.

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