We utilize three distinct assessments designed to help your business attract, manage and retain top talent.


Our TalassureMX assessment is structured to allow you to identify and retain the highest quality talent for management and professional roles at your business. TalassureMX measures a candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive abilities and professional interests. This test is helpful when considering upper-level talent openings and promotions.  


TalassureM matches mid-level candidates with the best job for their skillset. This assessment provides your business with in-depth, comprehensive profiles of each candidate. On your end, you can take advantage of job profiles and quickly see which candidates have the behavioral traits and skills best suited to the opening.  


This examination is designed to measure honesty, “Can Do,” and “Will Do. TalassureQ helps your business to rapidly identify the best candidate for any given entry-level position. It determines whether the applicant’s cognitive abilities are appropriate and predicts the odds of success. 

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