Calculate the Cost of Employee Turnover
The cost of employee turnover due to hiring mistakes can be a severe detriment to the balance sheet of any company, large or small.

Just how detrimental is it? Use the online calculator to determine the cost of losing a new employee after 3 months.

The average cost of a 30-day listing job is $300.00.
The average annual salary for a hiring manager is $60,000.
The average time spent recruiting and interviewing multiple candidates for a single position is 3-5 hours.
The average cost of a credit check is $50.00.
The average cost of a background check is $20.00.
The average cost of drug screening is $50.00
This new hire is "Under 90 Days" therefore healthcare and 401K benefits should not be included in the calculation of annual salary.

Note: This calculation does not include any costs associated with onboarding and training, productivity loss, etc.